With today’s stresses, traffic, working longer hours, or just plain not enough time in the day to fulfill that to do list. Men are making the time to treat themselves to a little bit of luxury. For instance“ You have that important meeting to go to”, and looking to open a new account or land that job that you have been waiting on. Nothing says I am confident than a hot towel shave. It is called redefining your life style and including a little me time into busy schedules. For 45 min, you allow yourself to let go of all things that seem to keep you boggled down and relax if not fall asleep. The warmth of a hot towel and the smell of cinnamon as you feel your pores start open and you drift off to the part in your mind where there are no worries or phone calls to disturb you. To gently feel a sharp razor scrape off what seems to be layers of stress and weeks of challenges that you have over come in the day to day world, as you reinsure yourself by saying ,“I deserve this.” As you lay back stretched, feel not a worry in the world because for that moment nothing else matters.

“I always look forward getting a hot towel shave, it’s like my balance point of the month. I try to stretch it as long as I can without shaving myself but there’s nothing like having it done professionally. Every man owes it to himself to indulge in this fading art, and what I mean in fading is that people who have the passion for this service is diminishing.”

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